Travellers have made themselves at home on a town's beach front, much to the outrage of residents.

Travellers have been on the Llanddulas beach carpark site since October 1 with the number increasing over the past month with another two or three groups setting up as recently as Tuesday morning.

Residents have been left outraged and disgusted as they have watched the unwanted visitors empty toilet waste over the rocks into the ocean, let rubbish pile up and ignore eviction notices.

Conwy County Borough Councillor (CCBC) for the Llanddulas ward, cllr Keith Eeles, said he first reported the travellers when they moved onto the site last month.

Cllr Eeles has spent the past month following up the matter, after numerous complaints from residents, but has not seen much movement.

He said: "We have had quite a few complaints and there is obvioulsy a process that we have got to go through. I have done everything I can and nothing seems to be moving very quickly."

Cllr Eeles added he has seen refuse collection officers on the site picking up rubbish and said housing team members had been undertaking welfare checks.

Llanddulas residents have said the council have mismanaged the issue and something needed to be done to remove the travellers sooner rather than later.

One resident, who has lived in the area for 38 years, said: "The whole village is up in arms over it. Why should they (travellers) get away with living her for free while we are paying out council taxes.

"They are allowed to live here for free and nothing is being done."

The residents said there has been a rumour of a petition circulating which would see residents stop paying council tax until the travellers were removed, but the Pioneer was unable to confirm this claim.

Cllr Eeles said an eviction notice had been place on a pole in the carpark a few weeks back, but had been ignored and ripped down by the travellers.

A CCBC spokesperson said a court order to move the travellers on had been acquired.

The spokesperson said: "The council follows the North Wales protocol for managing unauthorised encampments, with the welfare of the travellers and the needs of the local community considered, in accordance with Welsh Government guidance.

"The Local Authority, as landowner, has acquired a court order to move on the travellers who have been on site for a number of weeks.

"Unauthorised encampments highlight the need for transit site provision across North Wales."

Another Llanddulas resident, who has lived on Station Road - just up from the carpark - for 32 years, said this was not the first time travellers had set up camp on the site.

He said CCBC have ignored the carpark for sometime. New signs erected along the beach front earlier this year have been left severely damaged having been vandalised with red paint soon after completion.

The signs displayed the rules and regualtions along the beach front including the illegality of parking caravans on the Llanddulas beach front and parking for longer than 10 hours.

He said council officers should be done booking the travellers each day they are in breach of the law.

The resident added: "The council are failing in their duties and I've never seen an enforcement officer down dealing with any over nighter as they don't work the out of hours times that vans use the car park especially at weekend."