THREE African soft furred rats who have spent a year at an animal rescue centre continue to look for a new home.

Sabrina, Tabitha and Winifred are at the RSPCA Bryn-y-Maen in Colwyn Bay. The rodents came into the charity's care as their owner could no longer meet their needs.

Chris Butler, animal centre supervisor, said: “These three girls are great together and are looking to find a home as a group.

"They would love a large cage which is made from a strong material and has plenty of height and apparatus for climbing. They will need warmth, lots of hiding places and nesting material, as well as toys for them to chew.

“These girls - who are around two-years-old are confident while in their cage and will take their mealworms from your hand however they won't be suited as first time pets and would suit a more experienced owner.

"They are nocturnal so should not be disturbed during the day.

"They have been in our care for such a long time now, so we hope we can find them the perfect owner.”

Contact the centre on 0300 123 0745.