Magic is beginning to spread across the muggle town of Llandudno.

Potter mania has taken hold of the area and has resulted in popular business the Wizarding Boutique move to a new location within the town of Llandudno to allow for an expansion of the store.

The store has moved from the Llandudno Pier to it's new bigger location on 7 Clonmel Street.

The new premises has allowed owner Debbie Corkish to expand the stock she has in the store and include more of an experience for visitors.

Mrs Corkish said: "In the front window we have a trolley with cases on it like on platform 9 3/4, with a little hedwig in a cage so people can pose for photos.

"We also have a chair with the sorting hat. We are trying to make it more of an experience when you come into the store. There is very much a Harry Potter theme with floating candles, terracotta walls along with all the items on sale."

She said she has more plans for the store with the possibility of introducing events like Harry Potter-themed quizzes and potion making classes.

The Llandudno business-woman, who is an avid fan of the popular novels and movies, said it was always the plan to move into the town from the Pier but it even surprised her when she was able to do it after one season.

She said: "People were queuing along the pier to get into the store and we had people travelling an hour and a half just to get to the shop.

"I was hoping to be successful but I was was expecting it to take longer before I was able to expand. To be able to move off the Pier after one season is fantastic."

Mrs Corkish said she is having "so much fun" running the business and was on first name terms with some repeat customers.

She had also had visitors to the store from as far away as Australia, Canada and Iraq.

Wizarding Boutique was at Cineworld, Llandudno Junction, over the weekend for the first screenings of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald to sell merchandise to magical fans there to see the Harry Potter universe-related movie.

The new Wizarding Boutique store is now open to the public but is set for an official launch on Saturday from 10am.