THE RSPCA and a tree surgeon were called out this week to rescue a tabby cat stuck 50 feet tree in Llanrwst for four days.

Animal welfare officers from the charity were notified after members of the public got in touch, and said the cat had been stuck in the tree for four days.

RSPCA inspector Rachael Davies attended, and due to the great height the cat had reached, enlisted the support of a local tree surgeon from Nant Conwy Tree Services.

Rachel said: “Nant Conwy Tree Services did not ask for a fee for their work - and instead invited people to donate to the RSPCA instead, which was an incredible gesture.

“As the tree surgeon scaled the tree and sought to reach the cat, the moggy leaped to a neighbouring tree, before jumping to the ground, unscathed.

“We checked over the cat; who was shaken but thankfully unhurt, and the adventurous feline returned safely home.

“This was another example of partnership working in action for the benefit of our animal companions”.

Rachael added: “We were shocked to hear this cat had spent so long up this tree; so we quickly went to the poor moggy’s aid.”