Developers of a major supermarket in Llandudno Junction have made a donation to a coastal gull project.

The donation, set to be made by development company THI, comes after Conwy town councillors raised concerns works done on the new Lidl site in Llandudno Junction had had a major impact on the breeding season of birds in the area.

Conwy town councillor Helen Roberts said as a result of demolition work taking place on the former Daily Post and Arriva site during breeding season, “virtually no chicks” had hatched this breeding season.

The loss of large roof space provided by the old Arriva Bus depot and the Daily Post building also raised concerns and was another potential impact on the numbers of breeding gulls in the area

But following a town council meeting on Monday, they have agreed a donation - of an amount that has not yet been revealed, from THI, will be put towards the British Trust for Ornithology Cymru coastal gull project.

Cllr Roberts said: "They see the far reaching possibilities of this research for future generations and in learning about the natural and learned habits of gulls, which affects the way in which people interact with the birds.

"One of the most frequent complaints councillors receive is that of the relationship of residents and tourists with gulls during the breeding season.

"We hope that this research will go some way to mending human/gull relationships as we understand that these birds are beginning to struggle along our coasts.

"As a Council we must also look to the wellbeing of future generations and their ability to enjoy the wildlife that we do now.

"Lidl, THI and Conwy Town Council are fully in support of this generous donation being given to a worthy and serious scientific project.

"We wish BTO Cymru every success with this project ."