PLANS are being put in place to deal with a flu pandemic across North Wales.

Preparations are being worked out following last year’s outbreak of Aussie flu which saw scores of people hospitalised in North Wales.

The body tasked with dealing with civil emergencies in the region, the North Wales Councils Regional Emergency Planning Service (NWC-REPS), for which Flintshire County Council is the lead authority, is drawing up plans to deal with a flu pandemic.

A report to members of Conwy’s economy and place committee said:  “NWC-REPS is working across the region with the LRF and partner agencies to review the preparedness arrangements for pandemic flu. Health colleagues are keen to ensure that arrangements are in place for the forthcoming ‘flu season and pandemic is still classed as ‘very high’ on the national and community risk registers.

"This work will link to business continuity arrangements for staff absence and also the support provided by local authorities in the distribution of anti-virals to the community through Anti-Viral Collection Points. Conwy County Borough Council will be appraised of developments.”

The NWC-REPS service has been in place since 2014 making North Wales the first region in Wales to form a fully integrated service to support all councils to fulfil their emergency planning, business continuity and response duties.