AN EXPENSIVE child’s scooter was found on abandoned at the side of a Rhos-on-Sea church.

Despite numerous inquiries it hasn’t been possible to discover who owns the scooter, which will now be handed over to the police.

Mr Les Bowker of Penrhyn Beach West, Penrhyn Bay, said: “My wife Ann noticed a child’s electric scooter by the bins at the side of the Methodist church in Rhos-on-Sea. It looked suspicious and she didn’t think a child had left it.

“She picked it up and put it in the car and brought it home. The scooter, looked brand new and must have been expensive.

“Since then we have contacted a number of schools, but none of them had heard of a missing scooter, and we’ve not been able find out who owns it.

“We also went to the new police station in Llandudno on three occasions to tell them with the scooter, but on two occasions the door was locked, and one of those times there was a notice on the door saying closed for lunch between 3.00 and 4.00pm. On another occasion the door was open, we went in but there was no-one on reception.”

Llandudno police station Insp Julie Sheard said: “I can only apologise for the inconvenience caused to Mr Bowker. It is unclear what happened when he visited the police station, as the front counter was staffed on both the days in question of November from 9 until 6pm.”

“We guarantee our opening times from 9.00am until 1.00pm and from 3.00pm until 6.00pm, to ensure staff are able to get their break between 1pm and 3pm. The front counter bell can be heard on all floors at Llandudno and there is an external bell that alerts staff that there is a customer requiring attention outside. There is also an external phone that is linked to the Control Room that customers can use contact staff within the station.

"An officer will contact Mr Bowker to make arrangements with regards to the scooter."