Colwyn Bay Pier murals look set to get their Christmas miracle and be saved in the 11th hour.

The murals, that were a part of the Colwyn Bay Victoria Pier for more than a century, were set be scrapped with just a couple of reference panels kept if a long term home was not found for them before Christmas.

Currently, the murals are stored in the Conwy County Borough Council’s Civic Offices in Colwyn Bay. But as they are in the process of moving out a new long term storage was needed for them.

Appeals had been made to art gallery giants including TATE and the London V&A, but all had turned down housing the murals.

But now a member of the Pier Trust board has come forward and offered up his garage as a temporary to medium term solution.

Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust chairperson, Mark Roberts, said: "The murals are still a part of the pier and a very important part of the heritage value of the pier.

"It is vitally important that we find a home for the murals. There are lots of people that have been keeping their eye on what's been happening.

"We have all sorts of various options put forward, some completely off this planet, others with different reasons for wanting to store them.

"But now we may have found a somewhere to store them. A member of the board has come up with the option of keeping the murals in his garage."

Mr Roberts said the trust would liaise with the council as to whether this was a suitable solution and would ensure the murals were stored correctly, with the correct packaging.

While this was a short to medium term option, her said the hunt continued for a longer term solution.

Mr Roberts said: "The council have tried very hard as have the trust to find a long term solution for the storage of the murals.

"We have a temporary/medium term solution, if the council are happy with that, but it is still incumbent on them and us to find somewhere to store them longer term.

"We are not just going to put them in a box and let them be left."

Mr Roberts said if they were to be stored in the garage he was hoping, as the owners of the murals Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC), would continue to help with the search for a long term home and not simply hoodwink the trust into taking them over.

This year has been a big year for the Pier, with the dismantling, and the trust as it continued to evolve towards a charitable incorporated organisation.

Next year looks set to be even bigger for the Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust with new plans for a fully restored Pier to be released.

Mr Roberts, speaking exclusively to the Pioneer, said: "We are now within touching distance or restoring a full pier. We are working on a new set of proposals which will go out to public consultation in the new year.

"The plans are always evolving and changing.

"It will not just be about putting the Pier back, it will also be about what benefit is can bring, what it is used for and what the menu is on top of the pier.

"We have got something in mind which has never been done before in the UK, which is very exciting."

Mr Roberts added a lot of hard work had gone on behind the scenes to get things to where they were to date and he thanked everyone for their help.

He said: "We have a world class team behind us and are looking very good. It is up to us now, a fully restored pier is very tangible and achievable. It's exciting.

"But all this has not been without its hiatuses. Things have happened, people have left the board but we have always managed to come up trumps.

"The level of support we've had from the membership bas in the town has been fantastic and a lot of effort has been put in to our activities.

"But we still need people to help.

"I wish everybody - readership of the Pioneer, membership, staff, Conwy County Borough Council officers and the wider general public - a very Merry Christmas."