A coffee morning fundraiser for Christian Aid is set to be held in Conwy on Saturday.

Money raised on the day will be match-funded by the European Union four-to-one (£4 for every £1) to increase the amount donated to the Christian Aid cause.

The coffee Morning will be held at St Michael's Catholic Church Hall in Rosemary Lane, Conwy, this Saturday from 10am until midday.

All Conwy churches are backing the event and everyone - churchgoers or non-churchgoers - are welcome to just drop in and say hello.

St Michael's parishioner John Lewis said it was an opportunity to good to miss.

He said: "Saturday's event is the last opportunity we will have to benefit from the EU offer as it expires on January 31.

"The offer applies across the board, to all Christian Aid events run by all churches."

This is not the first fundraiser the churches of Conwy have done for Christian Aid with a bucket collection held at Tesco during Christian Aid Week in 2018.