A lack of police presence is being blamed for anti-social behaviour and youth gangs gathering in Llandudno Junction.

North Wales Police put a dispersal order in place in the Llandudno Junction area on Friday and Saturday following anti-social behaviour with youths congregating near McDonalds, KFC, Cineworld and in the Llandudno Junction area.

The order was in affect from 5.30pm on Friday, January 11, to 10pm on Saturday, January 12, and police said only one call of antisocial behaviour relating to youths, was received in Llandudno Junction.

Inspector Julie Sheard said: “This proves the success of the order. Overall there was positive feedback from the several businesses on the Cineworld complex and managers were happy to see officers out enforcing it.

"The PCSOs who worked throughout the course of the weekend saw many positives, which were highlighted by the gratitude of businesses in the most targeted areas.

"They realise that it is a difficult place to have such an order but appreciated the effort made by North Wales Police."

But Conwy County Borough Councillor (CCBC), for Marl Ward, Mike Priestly said this order wouldn't have even been needed if there were more police officers on the ground in the area.

Cllr Priestly said: "I have been made aware of anti-social behaviour in the Llandudno Junction area and I think this is because of the fact there is the lack of police officers walking the streets . We don't see them as often as we used to.

"The dispersal order is a short term solution but the public needs this problem resolved long term.

"This area has to be policed, we need staff in the area more regularly."

But Insp Sheard said the increase in reports of anti-social behaviour had seen an increase in officers in the area and they would continue to utilise existing resources to the best effect.

She said: "With austerity cuts to the North Wales Police budget since 2010, there is a constant need to assess where the district’s finite resources are best deployed in order to deal with our competing demands and priorities.

"The increase in reported ASB in Llandudno Junction resulted in the need to place additional officers in the area, complimented by the proportionate tactic of authorising a Dispersal Order.

"We will continue to prioritise and respond dynamically to existing and emerging incidents that occur throughout West Conwy, utilising our existing resources to best effect."