With the 75th anniversary of D-Day set to fall in 2019 a Llandudno-based amateur radio club is set to hold an event commemorating the town's involvement in the Second World War.

With Llandudno littered with ex-military sites involved in the Second World War, founder of the North Wales Radio Society (NWRS), Tony Mottram has developed a D-Day 75 year anniversary event on the Great Orme.

The event will see Mr Mottram and other members of the NWRS broadcast on the first week in June, talking about Llandudno's involvement in the Second World War.

Mr Mottram said: "Never before has something like this been done. There is a heck of a lot of military things in Llandudno and North Wales' involvement in the war was just amazing.

"This event is going to be incredible - we are going to be broadcasting all over the world and locally we will have everyone coming together for this special event.

"From the Orme we will be able to see all these places involved in the war and paint a picture - though the radio and online - so that everyone can imagine what it would have looked like up and down the coast."

Llandudno played a vital role in the Second World War with its gunnery school positions, RAF radar station and, the Mulberry Harbour Construction site.

The D-Day 75th anniversary event will run from June 7 - 9 and will also include a ceremony at the Llandudno cenotaph on the Saturday (June 8) where the public can pay their respects.

The cadets from the area will also be involved across the weekend, learning about amateur radio and Llandudno's war history.

Mr Mottram and other members of the NWRS will camp out overnight on the Orme over the weekend for the event.

More informaton on the event, Llandudno's involvement in the war and the NWRS can be found at https://www.nwrs.info/special-event-station.html.