A number of town councils have refused to take on a list of services handed to them at the eleventh hour.

Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) have identified a range of services that are "at risk" with a lack of funding available and have decided to try and pass them off to town councils.

The services include car parking, playgrounds, libraries, CCTV and public toilets.

While CCBC held a meetings with the relevant parties in September last year, town councils were only informed at the eleventh hour of creating their budgets that these services were to be their's to deal with.

However, a number of town council's, including Llandudno and Conwy, have told CCBC there budgets were completed and could not take on these services at this stage.

Conwy town councillor, Gary Willetts, said: "It is clearly most unsatisfactory that Conwy county have come to us at the 59th minute and 59th second and asked to take on these things.

"They are just trying to pass problems on and the Welsh Government are equally to blame."

Llandudno Town councillor, and former mayor, Carol Marubbi added they, and other town councils, couldn't afford to take on all these services.

Ms Marubbi said: "Not only is it not in the budget but we can't afford to do it. The play parks alone have been left to go into a sad state and is going to cost about £200,000 just to get it back up to standard. They have been left to run down so badly.

"They (CCBC) have run everything down, and now they want to hand them off to us."

She added it would be an issue trying to have the appropriate staff numbers to maintain these services going forward, costing them more money to hire extra people to accommodate.

A CCBC spokesperson said the timing of the decision couldn't be helped, with the county budget still yet to be finalised.

The spokesperson said while some town council's had said no for now to taking on these services, others were already helping with a variety of services.

They added: "The timing around this process has been difficult because Town and Community Councils have a different timetable to the County Council for setting their budgets.

"We were able to identify potential services that were at risk and where Town and Community Councils could potentially assist, but collating detailed information on the actual financial ‘ask’ has been challenging.

"This is because Conwy Council is still in the process of setting its budget, which impacts on the information required, and Conwy’s councillors needed to be able to review the proposed cuts before the information could be shared more widely.

"Now that we have a better idea of service areas that could be at risk, we will focus on these and continue to look at the financial detail so that we’re in a better position to work with Town and Community Councils in the future.

"This information wasn’t available for Town and Community Councils to consider as part of their budget setting process for this coming financial year, but we are very grateful that some Town and Community Councils already support Conwy County Borough Council with funding towards CCTV, Community Libraries, some playgrounds and public conveniences.

"These are just a few examples, but the aim is to extend this way of working to minimise the impact on individual communities."