A man has told how he was the victim of a “frenzied” unprovoked knife attack in the toilet of a Rhos-on-Sea restaurant.

Gareth Edwards was celebrating a friend’s birthday at Hickory’s Smokehouse when he was set upon by Dalton Thomas Morrisey.

Mold Crown Court heard Morrisey used a steak knife to carry out a sustained attack on Mr Edwards, who had he not bravely fought off his assailant may have sustained more serious and potentially fatal wounds.

As it was the victim suffered 20 stab wounds with the attack only ending after another restaurant goer came into the toilet.

Mr Edwards, aged 33, felt a “stabbing pain” as “something extremely sharp” was put into the middle of his back.

“I turned around and saw a man with a steak knife in his hand looking at me – it was a stare with a focused look,” recalled Mr Edwards, who said he had never seen Morrisey before in his life.

Mr Edwards said he was subjected to a “continued and frenzied” attack to his chest and face.

He said: “Fifty to 60 times, it felt like it was constant.

“I was screaming for help and I was asking why he was doing this.”

The victim sought refuge in a toilet cubicle, but Morrisey continued to attack him with the knife before pinning him to a wall and grabbing his throat.

As Mr Edwards fought back the knife fell to the floor and he grabbed it and used it on Morrisey who had him in a headlock.

“The only option I thought was to injure him otherwise I would not be able to get out,” said Mr Edwards.

Mr Edwards was taken to hospital with stab wounds all over his chest. His lung lining had been punctured and he had a wound to his leg and bruising to his throat.

Prosecuting barrister Elen Owen said: “Although he was stabbed 20 times there were many more attempts which he managed to fend off. He estimated the total blows were between 50 and 60.

“In the struggle he managed to get the knife off his attacker who received two stab wounds to his right thigh.”

Morrisey was seen running out of the restaurant holding a knife and surrendered himself to two men whom he thought were police officers.

When he was interviewed by police later he admitted “losing control”, but he could give no explanation for his actions.

He later told police he was depressed and had run up debts. At the time of the attack he was drunk and feeling morose.

Morrisey claimed he had gone into the toilet with cutlery to self-harm, but Mr Edwards had come at him and they “fought over the knife”.

But Ms Owen added: “It was a sustained and frenzied attack - 20 separate wounds some of which could have proved fatal.

“While he (Morrisey) admits he lost control he says he didn’t intend to kill his victim. But we say that given the nature of the attack that is the only conclusion. It is only down to luck and Mr Edwards’ bravery that he didn’t lose his life in that toilet.”

Morrisey, 26, of Pen Y Cwm, Llandudno, has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder on August 10 last year.

He has previously admitted wounding with intent and possession of a bladed article.

The trial continues.