A lack of gritting has been blamed for "treacherous" conditions which led to 10 minor crashes on the Great Orme.

Residents were warned to stay away from Llandudno's Great Orme last Wednesday after slippery conditions caused 10 minor car crashes.

Councillor Harry Saville, from the Gogarth ward, said a lack of gritting was to blame and it was an issue he had brought up with Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) before.

However, cllr Saville said CCBC had told him they didn't consider the Great Orme roads to be a first priority route.

This latest spate of crashes has forced Mr Saville and fellow Gogarth councillor Louise Emery to send another letter to CCBC reminding them of the issue.

Cllr Saville and Emery, in the letter, said: "We have been contacted by residents living on the Great Orme, Llandudno regarding winter road gritting.

"We understand that road conditions on January 30, 2019 were particularly treacherous and there were ten road traffic accidents near Black Gate road junction.

"During Winter 2016 we contacted ERF (environment, roads and facilities) and asked whether Ty Gwyn Road could be gritted when poor weather is expected.

"At the time it was explained that Ty Gwyn Road was not a first priority route and could only be attended to when severe weather conditions were set to last for several days.

"The Great Orme is an important part of Llandudno, which is rightly recognised as a population centre of regional importance.

"We feel CBCC recognises this by subsidising a regular bus service - No.26. Ty Gwyn Road is the only practical access route and we ask whether the gritting arrangements can be reconsidered?

"Any practical suggestions that can be made to assist the residents living on the Great Orme would be welcomed."

Great Orme resident Jay Dunn Morris, has lived in the area for five years and said the council tax was the highest she had ever paid, yet the Orme "was always the last to have things done".

Cabinet member for environment, roads and facilities cllr Donald Milne said gritters did pay a visit to the Great Orme last Wednesday, in the morning and afternoon.

Cllr Milne said: “I appreciate that there were difficult conditions on the Great Orme last Wednesday, as indeed there were throughout the County after overnight snow and freezing temperatures.

"Conwy County Borough Council staff have been working 24 hours a day to keep as many of our 1,200 miles of roads open as possible.

"On Wednesday morning we managed to get a tractor with towed gritter up the Orme shortly after 9am.

"Tractors with ploughs and gritters were in action throughout the day operated by local contractors, farmers and CCBC staff and we returned to the Orme later that day to re-treat the roads.

"I must thank not only our own staff but all the local contractors and farmers who have responded to the problems across the county created by this week’s bad weather and who stand by to respond throughout the winter.”