Residents feel like they have been left cut off after a major bus company made changes to a range of services.

Arriva made a raft of changes which came into affect on January 27 causing major concerns among residents across the county.

Abergwyngregyn and Dwygyfylchi were two of the villages affected most by the changes cut off most of the X5 routes.

Conwy County Borough Councillor (CCBC) for the Capelulo ward, cllr Anne McCaffrey, held a public meeting in Dwygyfylchi about the changes.

The hall at which it was held was packed out with residents complaining about the changes.

Cllr McCaffrey said the major concerns raised at the meeting included services to Llandudndo Junction Railway Station, Llandudno and Bangor Hospitals, Ysgol John Bright and Ysgol Awel y Mynedd being stopped.

Cllr McCaffrey said: “ARRIVA Buses Cymru have no heart, they are letting villagers down. It was so disappointing they didn’t attend our meeting to hear first hand how these changes affect people with dementia, serious illness, disability, & with no other means of transport.

“ARRIVA claim to put customers first, yet have knowingly made it much more difficult to access essential services. It’s just so wrong.

“When people complain to ARRIVA, they’re being told there have been no other complaints. That’s just not true.

“It seems Llandudno bus services have now been improved as a direct result of daytime buses no longer servicing Dwygyfylchi.

“Buses that would once have come through the village are now by passing it, and then waiting around Llandudno for 20 minutes to kill time before starting their next round of service! It makes no sense, & it’s not fair.

“The least ARRIVA should do is reinstate direct bus access from Dwygyfylchi to Llandudno Hospital. Refusing to do so is indefensible. ”

Dwygyfylchi town councillor, Avion Davies, said he catches a bus seven days a week to get to and from work in Old Colwyn.

Cllr Davies said these changes had doubled his travel time to and from work and it was making it very hard to get around.

He has put a number of complaints to them but has not heard anything back and said he feels like he is being ignored.

Cllr Davies added: "Arriva don't care. They have told me in the past they are not a bus services, they are a business.

"It's not just me, I have had loads of complaints from local people as well.

"There are single parents trying to get to Llandundo to pick their kids up from school but now with these changes brought in by Arriva they are finding it hard to get there in time.

"They (Arriva) just don't care."