The posibility of charging for domestic garden waste in the Conwy county has been left residents outraged.

The Pioneer reported on January 29 that just months after Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) introduced four-weekly waste collection councillors were now set to vote on a paid garden waste pick up.

Councillors voted to consider the paid collection as part of a forward work programme in December and an item with the full details will be presented to a committee meeting on March 20 and then cabinet on April 9.

Conwy residents have been left fuming with the decision and said it would only have a negative affect on the county including a potential increase in fly-tipping.

Pioneer readers took to social media last week to express their anger at the potential charge for garden waste.

Graham T Parry said: "It just shows the mentality of some of these councillors. People will start burning garden waste again, fly tipping, or putting it in the black bin which is rather defeating the object."

John Jones said: "Are these people stupid, there has already been a big increase in fly tipping so this will definitely increase again."

Mike Roberts added: "Think its time this council were to be shaken up. And public should be involved by some way or vote.

"They already make profit on recycled waste. The garden mulch waste they already compost down and sell it back to the public as profit.

"Greed and tax everything charging for every service we receive.

"The four-weekly bin collection has already proved a negative move as fly tipping has increased you only have to look in hedgerows and ditches along country roads.

"Christmas waste collection was a complete shambles with workers refusing to collect recycling as the lorry’s were overflowing and rotting waste in bins left until the middle of January.

"Public bins around parks, prom overflowing where public have resorted to dumping rather than pay extortionate prices at the local tips to get rid."

If the paid garden collection scheme is voted in, it will also add to the charges for dumping certain items at CCBC tips.

However, CCBC wouldn't be the first county to charge for garden waste collections.

Denbighshire County Council, are just one of many counties in the area, already charging for garden waste collection, with residents paying between £22 and £36 a year, depending on how many 140L green bins or dumpy sack bags they have, if they sign up for the service.