A "unique" new feature is being added to the Colwyn Bay promenade.

'Colwyn' lettering is being installed as the final part of phase two of the Colwyn Bay Waterfront Project which began in 2016.

The letters have been put in place near the Horizon Shine Kiosk and work stabilising the structure will be ongoing over the next three weeks.

A Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) spokesperson said: "Installing the ‘Colwyn’ lettering is the final part of the Phase 2 work, which began in 2016 and has seen the promenade between the pier site and the Cayley embankment transformed.

"The letters have been craned into place and work on the surrounding plinth and paving will be carried out over the next three weeks.

"The letters will form a focal point on the promenade and create another feature unique to the area.

"The word Colwyn was chosen because it covers the whole bay that the promenade runs alongside and the wider area (not just the town), and it works in both Welsh and English.

"The Colwyn Bay Waterfront Project has been funded by Welsh Government, The European Regional Development Fund, Visit Wales and Conwy County Borough Council."

The proposed letters measure between 1.4 and 1.95metres (m) in width by 0.45m in depth by 2m in height and will span a distance of 17.5m.

The lettering is constructed from pre-cast concrete and is fixed to the ground.

The Colwyn lettering will also be used as an informal seating area.

These letters have been in planning since late 2016 and a report presented to the council said the feature would be a point of interest to this part of the promenade and would contribute towards the continuing regeneration of the promenade.

It is not considered to have a significant detrimental impact upon the visual amenity.

The installation of the letters follows on from the construction of the Horizon Shine Kiosk which has been open since midway through last year.