A decrease in customer usage has resulted in the decision to close a Colwyn Bay bank.

Halifax in Colwyn Bay will close on June 27 part of a raft of closures to be made by the banking giant.

Halifax said they made the "difficult decision" to close the Colwyn Bay branch because of a decrease in customer using it and finding alternative methods to do their banking.

A spokesperson, in a statement, said: "We’re constantly transforming our branch network as we reflect changing customer demand for branch transactions and service.

"Sometimes this will mean we make the difficult decision to close branches.

"When deciding to close a branch, we take a number of factors into account to help us understand the impact on our customers and the local community – including ways for customers to continue to access banking services.

"For all closure decisions, we follow the UK Finance Access to Banking Standard."

Darren Millar, Clwyd West AM, slammed the decision to close the branch in Colwyn Bay and said it was a "devastating blow" for the town.

Mr Millar said: ""I am sick of hearing of bank closures across my constituency, which do nothing to enhance the image of the banking industry.

"I appreciate that banks have to move with the times, but this is a devastating blow to Colwyn Bay, which last year also suffered the loss of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

“Having an accessible local branch is important for older people, those without transport, or internet access, shopkeepers and small businesses.

“Halifax has said customer accounts will be aligned to the Llandudno branch, but this is almost five miles away and it is very difficult for many customers, particularly the elderly, to travel to branches in other locations.

“As well as the customers, my thoughts also go to the affected employees and their families, who will no doubt be extremely concerned about this announcement.

"It is always extremely difficult for those affected by the prospect of redundancy, and this is sadly another blow for a sector which has already been hit by similar job losses.”

There is still a Halifax store in Llandudno and customers can withdraw money, check their balance and pay in cheques and money to their accounts from the Colwyn Bay Post Office.