A Llandudno brewery's latest special line has marked a first for the company.

No Vacany, Tramcar and Fatlamp are the three latest beers from Wild Horse Brewing Company which were officially released on Friday.

North Wales Pioneer:

The three new release cans: No Vacancy, Tramcar and Fatlamp. Picture: Kerry Roberts

But instead of bottles, this special release line of beers are in cans.

Dave Faragher, founder of Wild Horse Brewing Company, said: "Canning is t's not something we've ever done before so we are pretty excited about it, and the beers we're pretty excited about too."

The artwork on the three new beer cans have been inspired by things in Llandudno and brought to life by North Wales based artists Dr Cubis (Lee Owen).

Mr Faragher said: "The artwork is all inspired by things in Llandudno.

North Wales Pioneer:

Dave Faragher with the Tramcar beer. Picture: Kerry Roberts

"The No Vacancy is inspired by the guest houses, Fatlamp which is inspired by the fatlamps that used to light the ancient copper mines up on the Great Orme and Tramcar is our iconic Llanduno Tramway."

Dave Faragher talks the new canned beers. Video: Kerry Roberts

No Vacancy is a dry hopped Pilsner style lager, Fatlamp is a pale ale beer while Tramcar is a big, bold, hoppy IPA.

The new special edition range is available now.