Conwy continues to strengthen its ties with Japan.

Two members of the Japan Tourism Board (JTB) visited Conwy last week with the aim of strengthening the tourism links with Conwy by understanding the area a bit better.

Conwy Town councillor, and former mayor, Bill Chapman, showed the JTB pair - Naoko Kosuge and Toshiyuki Hayashi - around the town showing them the major sites including the castle and the walls.

Cllr Chapman said: ""They were interested in the places where visitors can have a meal or a coffee break.

"We are not short of such facilities in the town.

"They were struck by the number of small businesses we have in the town."

Ms Kosuge said they were very interested in the area and had thoroughly enjoyed their visit last week.

She said: "The tour was very informative and interesting and we are so grateful to be able to see the beauty of Conwy.

"We could easily see how much you have been working close with the community as well.

"We are very keen to promote Conwy to Japanese tourists and looking forward to sending more Japanese tourists to Conwy."

Mr Champan said it was good for people like the JTB to come and visit Conwy to help show how welcoming the area is for guests coming into the area.

Mr Chapman said: "We cannot assume that overseas visitors, Japanese or otherwise, will continue to come to Conwy, and we have to be active in making them feel welcome, and give them a memorable experience.

“Already there are a few people in the town who can say “welcome” in Japanese, and our plan is to build on those numbers, and ensure they can say a little more than that.

“That is what lies behind the series of Japanese classes starting tomorrow evening.”

Ms Kosuge and Mr Hayashi also visited Bodnant Gardens, Surf Snowdonia, Slate Mountain, Portmierion, Gladstone Library, Pontysyclle Aqueduct and stayed at Bodysgallen Hall.