A guest suspected of using a superior room instead of his booked single room had a heated row with a hotel owner then turned violent - after being locked in the dining area, a court heard on Wednesday.

The hotelier had wanted Mark Dodd, 27, of Valley Road, Llanfairfechan, to pay extra for a room twice the size to the cheapest. But Dodd had smashed a glass and demanded to be let out of the dining room, magistrates at Llandudno were told.

Prosecutor Jemma Gordon said Robert Peterson, who’d become involved in the bust-up with Dodd at the Tilstone Hotel at Llandudno, had entered the room but was confronted and punched to the ground. Dodd had again repeatedly struck Mr Peterson as he tried to stop him walking off along Carmen Sylva Road.

Miss Gordon said a one-centimetre cut to the eyelid needed two stitches.

Dodd admitted assault causing actual bodily harm on June 2. The prosecution said less than a fortnight earlier he’d been convicted of a similar offence.

A twelve months community order was made for the hotel attack with 200 hours unpaid work and a thinking skills course and rehabilitation to address the way Dodd deals with anger. He must pay £250 compensation and £385 costs.

Court chairwoman Jean Bryson told Dodd, who was described by a probation officer as ashamed of his actions: "It was a prolonged attack and very unpleasant incident and you did show aggressive behaviour. However, we did hear where your anger had come from on that morning.”

She added: "We didn’t feel it crossed the custody threshold, but it was very close.”

Defence solicitor Donald Roberts said Dodd had attended at the hotel, in his painting and decorating overalls, the previous night and paid for a room. A cleaner had been asked to rouse him for breakfast but she noticed curtains drawn in another room and Dodd was accused of occupying two rooms. He disputed this.

“It seems to have started from there. Mr Dodd has argued the toss with the owner. He was going to leave. She didn’t want him to leave and she grabbed his clothing and shouted for assistance from Mr Peterson,” the lawyer said.

Dodd backed off and went in the dining room but was locked inside.

Mr Roberts said Dodd was undergoing an apprenticeship and on benefit but had a job offer.