A PLAQUE to commemorate the founding of the North Wales Branch of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies has been unveiled has unveiled on the Cocoa House in Llandudno

The branch was formed in Llandudno in 1907, and it held its meetings in this building.

North Wales Pioneer: Unveiling of suffragists plaque at the Cocoa HouseUnveiling of suffragists plaque at the Cocoa House

Cllr David Hawkins, Mayor of Llandudno who performed the unveiling, said: "The plaque will mark where the suffragists, not the suffragettes, held their meetings. It was a landmark moment for the town as it, in effect, recognises the contribution women have made to our local community and to Wales. That alone makes me really proud to have had the privilege of unveiling the plaque.

North Wales Pioneer: The plaqueThe plaque

“There have been so many remarkable women in Llandudno’s history who have made an enormous contribution to the town and continue to do so. Perhaps a statue to their contribution should be erected, but that is just an idea at the moment.”

Llandudno Soroptimists President, Celia Blomeley worked hard over the last 12 months to make arrangements for the plaque to be put in place and to organise the unveiling ceremony.

Cllr Hawkins added: “Cllr Frank Bradfield worked hard with Llandudno Soroptimists to set up the arrangements for this plaque and tribute should be paid to their joint efforts.”