AN APPEAL has been made to people from all walks of life to help form a Lions club in Conwy.

The purpose of the club is to support the people and organisations in the Conwy Valley by assisting with local events, service projects and community activities. It will run charitable and social events to raise money to make donations to local, national and international good causes and disaster relief.

For children and young adults it will run Lions competitions for music for solo instrumentalists, essay writing and football. In addition the club will run a young leader's in service qualification which can run alongside the community part of the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Alicia Youd, one of the Lions club organisers, said: “As a young adult, Lions gives me a safe space to serve my local community and enables me meet new people. There is something so very rewarding about volunteering and I can give as much or as little time as I can afford.”

Rochelle Stamper, another organiser, said: “I have been inspired by the number of enjoyable and fulfilling years I have already given to Lions Club International on Anglesey and look forward to serving a new community.”

Lions Club International is a worldwide community service organisation for men and woman working across the globe. It has 1.4 million members and has just celebrated 100 years of service. All the money raised by Lions clubs in aid of charity goes to the named charity, and no administration costs are taken from charitable collections.

For more information please contact Alicia Youd on 07401 771778, Rochelle Stamper on 07771 716335 or Barry Stamper on 07771 716340, or email