Reports from council four-weekly bin collections are having a positive impact across the county have been rubbished by residents.

Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) last week said the benefits of the four-weekly collections were already becoming clear with an increase in recycling reported since the introduction of the new scheme last September.

Figures comparing the last three months of 2018 with the same time period in 2017 showed household recycling was up by 11.5 per cent with an extra 363 tonnes recycled, while refuse is down by 457 tonnes, a 12 per cent reduction.

Councillor Donald Milne, cabinet member for environment, roads and facilities, said: “The response from the community has been excellent. Conwy residents are incredibly motivated to recycle.

"They know that there are local and global benefits to recycling as much as they can, and by making the most of the weekly collections, they are already making an impact.

“Conwy residents have really got behind the scheme. It’s good to know that each household’s efforts have made a difference.

"Residents have been recycling more to make sure there is enough space in their rubbish bins.

“Changes can take a while to settle down, but the Council is here to help with advice, practical tips and additional support if necessary."

But residents strongly disagreed with the council's views on how the four-weekly collection was impacting households across the county.

Conwy county residents took to social media last week saying the four-weekly scheme was having a far from positive impact.

Katie Warburton, on the Pioneer Facebook page, said: "I’m constantly picking up rubbish from the paths when walking my dog so either not enough bins or recycling is been blown over.

"Everywhere you look is littered and we have to pay more and have less collections. That’s not a positive result."

Christine Hartley said: "Positive...says who? I've got a household of five and recycle everything religiously. Our black bin is always full after two and a half weeks.

It was not just the overflowing bins and the horrible look that were causing issues but the vermon attracted.

Emma Skillen said: "No way is it - my cats have caught no end of mice and there is that much strewn around Colwyn Bay, its disgusting.

"Three weeks was bad enough but its got beyond the joke now."

Sarah Louise Bowkett added: "No there not. Loads of rats in Tan Lan, I’ve lived here 30 years and never seen one in my life until this winter it’s disgusting.

"Rubbish everywhere as well. Put it back to two weeks for God sake."