A NUMBER of wild goats have invaded Llandudno to escape the weather.

The animals come from the more than 60 strong flock of Kashmiri goats which live on the Great Orme. However it is not uncommon for them to come into the town during bad weather.

Cllr Greg Robbins, a member of Llandudno Town Council, said: “They come into town from time to time to escape the weather. They can be a nuisance, particularly when they get into people’s gardens as they will eat almost anything.

North Wales Pioneer:

Goats in Llandudno. Picture: Gillian Townsend

“They can be a little intimidating for children, although they probably aren’t too much of a traffic hazard as they tend to keep clear of the main roads. They are very independently minded creatures.”

Fellow town cllr, Margaret Lyon added: “This has happened before, but in recent times the size of the herd has been reduced through natural selection and relocation.

“They seem to come down when the grass isn’t growing on the Orme, or when there is a heavy gale.”

One eye witness who saw the goats in Llandudno said: “They appear to have a liking for daffodils, which would be appropriate and good taste for Welsh goats.”

A spokesperson for Conwy County Borough Council said: “Goats going into town is nothing unusual, particularly at this time of year, here is no way of stopping them. It is more likely in foul weather as they look for lower ground and shelter.

“We control the number of goats in the herd by using a contraceptive vaccine. Years ago when the herd was bigger incursions into town was more frequent and the numbers greater.”