A QUARTER of a century has passed since the Hedd Wyn film was nominated for an Oscar for the best film in a foreign language.

The actor Huw Garmon, who played the main character, now lives in Penrhyn Bay, reflected on this being the first Welsh film nominated for an Oscar.

He said: "I did a few of the lovely scenes with Judith Humphreys in April 1991, and later that summer we were filming in the Trawsfynydd area, but it took until the following January before we finished the work.

North Wales Pioneer: Huw Garmon todayHuw Garmon today

"I felt a great nervousness, because I was very aware of the story and history of Hedd Wyn and the mythology so I felt a responsibility. I wanted to be thorough and at my best. My focus was all on my job. I was dedicated to it, and it was very hard work.

"I remember one of the crew saying in the middle of the film, this movie is special, and it was.

"I was in London at a railway station when I got the phone call to say that the film was nominated for an Oscar. I danced around, and I remember looking at the hundreds of people, and nobody realized what the news I had had. Going to the Oscars was such a pleasure, I felt so lucky. I represented the cast and crew. As I look back, it seems to me that when Hedd Wyn has shown it had reached a pinnacle.