Water has been spotted spurting out of the pavement in Old Colwyn.

Old Colwyn's flood defences have been a hot topic of late due to recent storms causing damage and flooding to the area.

Councillors and AMs have said the flood defences remain one bad storm away from falling apart and the recent photos from Regina Thurley, an Old Colwyn resident, show more cracks beginning to show following Storm Gareth.

Photos showed water spurting out from under the pavement and running across the footpath.

Water spurting out of the pavement in Old Colwyn. Video: Regina Thurley

Mrs Thurley, who has lived in the area for a number of years, said: "I haven't seen this problem before. I believe this issue needs to be addressed as this section of the promenade is the main connection road to Porth Eirias and Rhos-on-Sea."

A Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) spokesperson said the recent storm had been having an impact all over the county.

The spokesperson said: "We’ve experienced some very heavy rain and strong winds this week.

"There's lots of water on the roads, and we urged everyone to please note the conditions and take extra care when out and about.

"We’ll be continuing to monitor the weather forecast closely over next few days."

The Old Colwyn section of the promenade has already been closed once this year because of bad weather and with each passing storm concerns grow for that the deteriorating flood defences might not be able to hold.

Cllr Cheryl Carlisle, Old Colwyn ward, said each storm could be the proms last and this could have a major effect major road and railways in and out of North Wales.

She added if the railway network in the area and the A55 was to be compromised if the flood defences were not in place it would stop people from coming in and out of North Wales and could have a major affect on business and tourism.

Clwyd West Assembly Member, Darren Millar, agreed with Mrs Carlisle and said something needed to be done to fix the flood defences.

He added: "Old Colwyn’s sea defences are in desperate need of improvement and the Welsh Government must act urgently before a serious incident occurs.

"The defences protect the North Wales railway line and the A55 trunk road; any failure would put lives at risk and do damage to the North Wales economy."