An Old Colwyn mother has began campaigning against the "horrendous" nature of playgrounds within the county.

Zoe Davies, 42, has lived in the area her whole life and said play grounds, particularly in the Colwyn Bay area, have been left to deteriorate.

She singled out Min-y-Don and Eirias Park playgrounds as the main issues saying they were full of rubbish, graffiti and empty alcohol bottles.

North Wales Pioneer:

The Min-y-Don playground. Picture: Kerry Roberts

Mrs Davies, speaking to the Pioneer, said: "There is just rubbish everywhere, everythins is tatty and there is graffiti on all the equipment - it's horrendous.

"Eirias Park is supposed to be a tourist attraction but there is graffiti all over that lot of equipment as well. It's jut not a 'wow'' factor that attracts people to a playground."

Councillor Carol Marubbi, Llandudno Town Council and former mayor, has been campaigning for more to be done to playgrounds in the county for some time now.

North Wales Pioneer:

Cllr Carol Marubbi at the West Shore playground. Picture: Patrick Glover

She added: "Conwy County Borough Council have let the playgrounds fall into disrepair, it's absolutely horrific some of it.

"I'm glad this lady has brought it up as well. We need more people to fight against this because it is unacceptable.

"They've (Conwy County Borough Council) got to wake up and start working with the public at getting it right."

Last year Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) rejected an application to have money put aside in the budget to put towards play equipment and its maintenance.

However, this year CCBC have allocated £214,300 towards the cost of replacing and repairing playground equipment and safety surfacing, as capital funding in the 2019/20 budget.

North Wales Pioneer:

Play equipment at the West Shore playground seems to be missing from the frames. Picture: Patrick Glover

A CCBC spokesperson said: "The Service is also looking for other options for funding playgrounds and liaising closely with Town and Community Councils and community groups to identify ways in which we can work together to support play areas."

Earlier this year playgrounds were amongst a group of services CCBC attempted to pass off to town councils.

CCBC said they had identified a range of services that were "at risk" with a lack of funding available and had decided to try and pass them off to town councils.

While they held a meeting with the relevant parties in September last year, town councils were only informed at the eleventh hour of creating their budgets that these services were to be their's to deal with.

A number of town council's, including Llandudno and Conwy, told CCBC there budgets were completed and could not take on these services at this stage.

A CCBC spokesperson said the timing of the decision couldn't be helped, as the county budget hadn't been finalised at that stage.