Councillors in Conwy have become "frustrated" with plans for another pay rise just a year after their last one.

The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRPW) has decided that councillors should get an extra £268 a year following on from a £200 rise in 2018.

Cabinet members could also receive an extra £532 a year.

Pay for county councillors in Wales is decided by the IRPW so the decision is out of the hands of the people who would get the money.

But members of Conwy’s Democratic services committee meeting recently expressed their annoyance with the process and argued that members are being ignored by the panel.

They were told that they could not vary or delay the implementation of the pay rise and they’re advice was only being sought on whether to implement the increase to senior councillors.

Members of the council had written to the IRPW asking that pay rises should only be decided once every five years to coincide with the electoral cycle.

Councillors have yet to have a reply from the body with officers saying they had only received an acknowledgement of the letter.

The committee was asked to consider if proposed pay rises for senior members of the council including committee chairs and cabinet members should go ahead.

This would see cabinet members getting an extra £532 a year.

At the moment councillors in the county get a basic salary of £13,600 a year, this goes up to £29,300 for cabinet members and £22,300 for committee chairs.

Councillors will have to decide whether to give any civic salary to the posts of chair and deputy chair of the authority.

If paid, the payment would be £22,568, up from £21,800 for a civic head, the deputy chair salary would remain the same.

Cllr Julie Fallon said: “It’s not that we’re supporting the pay rise. We’ve tried, we’ve been ignored, we’re not happy with this, we wanted them to listen.”

Members of the committee voted unanimously against recommending the pay rise for senior councillors.

Cllr Susan Shotter said: “We have this discussion every year and we sit here wrestling with out consciousnesses and the situation stays the same.”