Contracts to construct the truncated Pier in Colwyn Bay have gone to tender.

Donald Insall Associates were chosen by Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) to draw up the construction designs for the new truncated pier last July and now the search has began for a contractor to take on the construction work.

The work has been divided into two parts the cast iron refurbishment work, and reconstruction of truncated pier with work to forecourt and the promenade. 

The contracts to construct the new truncated pier in Colwyn Bay have been posted on Sell2Wales this week.
The tender process will close on April 18.

The construction designs are based on the outline plans given planning permission in 2017.

This included the structure of the truncated pier itself and the pathway that runs alongside the promenade underneath the pier.

Last month, the planning committee agreed on an amendment to the planning permission, so now the contracts can go out to tender for the construction work.

A CCBC spokesperson said the plan was to start construction work by the end of the year with the aim of having the truncated Pier completed by 2020. 

The council continues its support of Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust, as the Trust develops proposals and funding applications for the future restoration and re-creation of a more substantial pier.

Mark Roberts, chairperson of the Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust, said it was exciting to see plans to re-build the Pier progressing. 

Mr Roberts added the group had an exciting new scheme in in the pipelines which would be revealed in the coming weeks and put out to public consultation when ready.

Contractors dismantled the old pier last year after councillors had given their final approval in November 2017. 

Some parts of the Pier, including 100-year-old murals have been kept and stored to reuse in any potential future redevelopment and to help with the creation of the truncated pier.