A CHALLENGE is being mounted to Guto Beb, MP for Aberconwy, by the former president of his constituency association, who plans to stand as an Independent candidate in the next general election

Graham Dale expressed annoyance at what he said was Mr Bebb working actively to frustrate the Brexit referendum result.

Mr Dale said: “I’ve been an active party supporter for more than 50 years and now I’ve resigned from the party.

“I’ve given Mr Bebb my full support since he first stood for election in the constituency but, alas, on the most important and defining political issue of our time, Brexit, Mr Bebb has not only failed to honour the democratic mandate by a significant majority in the 2016 EU referendum, but he's worked to thwart and frustrate the result and, through his support for a second referendum, seeks to reverse that result.

“On a high turnout the Conwy area polled 54 per cent for Leave, and 46 per cent for remain, a significant leave majority.”

Mr Dale added: “In standing for election in 2017 Mr. Bebb endorsed the party manifesto that contained an unequivocal commitment to honour the mandate of the referendum and ensure the United Kingdom would leave the EU.

“In these circumstances I cannot concede Mr. Bebb should stand unchallenged in the next parliamentary election whenever it may come, and so I've decided to stand in opposition to him as an Independent Brexit candidate.”

A spokesperson for Mr Bebb said: “Mr Dale is a very good man, he is an honourable man and this is an honourable resignation. While we feel his resignation is largely premature Guto fully understands since Mr Dale has always seen the Brexit issue as more important than any other issue that may affect local residents.”

Mr Dale is a prominent Llandudno businessman, originally from Stoke on Trent, but who has lived in the area since 1976. He is married and has two grown up children.

Mr Bebb was first elected to Parliament in 2010 with a majority of more than 3,000 votes. In the 2017 election this had been reduced to little more than 600 votes.