FAT Cat is making a return to Llandudno.

The Fat Cat Cafe Bar will open at 149 Mostyn Street on Friday, April 12 at 8pm.

The build is the former Lilly Bar & Grill.

Nick Ellis, owner of Club 147 and The Gresham, purchased the business about six weeks ago and decide to rebrand as a nod back to the past.

The Fat Cat pub chain itself was placed into administration in 2013. Administrators closed the Llandudno, Chester and Hanley sites immediately.

The bar and restaurant was taken over by Phillip and Roxanne Ashe, who own and run The Lilly restaurant on West Parade, West Shore.

North Wales Pioneer:

Manager of Fat Cat Cafe Bar, Kosta Nikolakis

The Lilly Bar & Grill closed and now Mr Ellis has stepped in and is taking the business back to its roots.

He said: “We spoke to the landlord and we could use the name so it made logical sense to name it Fat Cat Cafe Bar. It was very popular in its day and we have got a great location.

“So we’ve moved in and I have ripped the place out. We’ve got new toilets, as everyone remembers those old toilets, and we are going to have cocktails, those big flame heaters - a lot of work is going on.

“We are having new tables and chairs. We have only had it for about five or six weeks. We are looking forward to opening on Friday night.”

The new manager of Fat Car Cafe Bar is Kosta Nikolakis.

Mr Ellis took on Club 147 last October after a brief closure.