THE bells of St Mary’s, Conwy will continue to peel over the town all through the night.

They had been under threat after a member of the public - allegedly its own vicar Rev David Parry - asked if they could be silenced.

However residents who live near the church overwhelmingly want the bells to keep ringing.

Natasha Flint, Conwy Town Council clerk, said: “The town council sent a consultation questionnaire to residents living in the vicinity to gauge their feelings about silencing the bells at night.”

"The council did the right thing, the members could have just said no, but because the request had some substance it was decided to canvass the community to see what they think.”

Mrs Flint added 97 per cent of the surveys were returned and the message was clear as to what people wanted.

"They expressed their view which is they are in favour of keeping the chimes. About 98 per cent of the questionnaires came back stating that people are in favour of the chimes, there were only about three or four that weren’t in favour.

"Everybody knows it's part and parcel of the town and it is very historic.

"It is quite encouraging the community is so passionate about the things they care about.

“The council members felt the results of the consultation reflected their own views as well as those of the residents, therefore it resolved to keep the bells chiming throughout the night.

"We have a very good relationship with the church which will continue regardless of this issue.

Rev David Parry, vicar of St Mary’s, said: “I am glad the council was willing to consider the issue.

"The result won’t change the relationship with town and we’ll continue to work together.”