A PENMAENMAWR town councillor is to appeal against a decision by the Ombudsman not to investigate a complaint about another councillor.

A spokesman for the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales confirmed a complaint that cllr Dafydd Lloyd-Borland may have breached his authority’s code of conduct. He said: “Following assessment, it was decided that the matter should not be investigated.”

North Wales Pioneer: Penmaenmawr town councilPenmaenmawr town council

Cllr Lloyd-Borland said: “Obviously I am pleased, I didn’t think there was an issue, I didn’t breech the code of conduct and I am pleased the Ombudsman agreed with me.”

Cllr Denise Fisher said: “Cllr Lloyd-Borland was quoted in the Pioneer as saying two cllrs had their own agenda, but he didn’t name them. However as it is in the council’s minutes two councillors sought a vote of no confidence in cllr Lloyd-Borland and names them, it was obvious who he was referring to. I am not happy with the outcome from the Ombudsman and will be appealing this decision. The only agenda I have is serving the people I represent. I was trying to stop what would have been a large loan from being taken out when the council was already in financial difficulties.” She had proposed a vote of no confidence in Cllr Lloyd-Borland because he had ignored the advice of the authority’s responsible financial officer. Cllr Kara Prior, who seconded the no confidence vote, said: “I am disappointed at the Ombudsman’s decision. In my opinion he did breech the code of conduct as he knew the financial situation of the council but decided to pursue the purchase of a car park.