A PHOTOGRAPHER using 19th century equipment and techniques has visited Conwy lifeboat station as part of a project to illustrate the work of the RNLI.

Jack Lowe, who lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, is undertaking an ambitious project to visit all 238 RNLI lifeboat stations in the UK and Republic of Ireland, capturing stunning glass images along the way.

A spokesman for Conwy lifeboat said: “It was brilliant to have Jack come to the station and show us the work he is doing, the crew got involved and can’t wait to see the final piece he is working on. We wish Jack all the best in his adventures to finish the project.”

Jack has admired the RNLI since he was a little boy and says the project allows him to follow his heart. Photography has also been a strong passion of his, ever since he received a Kodak camera from his Grandma when he was nine. He is the grandson of Dad’s Army actor, Arthur Lowe

He will be using wet plate collodion, a Victorian process that allows him to record stunning images on glass. The project is in its fifth year and predicted to take approximately eight years to complete.

His unique glass photographs are to be developed in a decommissioned NHS ambulance, which he purchased on eBay and transformed into a mobile darkroom.

Jack added: “From an early age I knew I wanted to either be a photographer or a lifeboat crew member. This trip has given me the opportunity to fulfil both my dreams. It’s fantastic to see how many people have been so interested and engaged with the project.