WORK to stop raw sewage surging into Llandudno Junction residents’ gardens has been halted because unforeseen underground boulders have been discovered.

Welsh Water had been working to reduce flooding around the Osbourne car park area. The project has been suspended until 2020 to allow a plan to deal with the boulders to be developed.

North Wales Pioneer: Welsh Water at Llandudno Junction. Picture: Kerry RobertsWelsh Water at Llandudno Junction. Picture: Kerry Roberts

Cllr Mike Priestley, who represents the area on Conwy town council, said: “I have had residents who are really upset, complain to me because they have raw sewage surging into their gardens as a result of localised flooding.

“After heavy rain the sewers become overloaded and raw sewage comes out. It is an obvious health hazard to children and pets.

“I’m really disappointed at the delay to the project, so I have asked Welsh Water for the work to go ahead as promised and as soon as possible.”

Cllr Priestley added: “Welsh Water has told me that following problems with challenging unforeseen ground conditions with its drilling machine hitting boulders in the ground, it has decided to postpone the work until next year. This allows time to carry out further investigation work and gives the opportunity to amend their designs.

“As part of this investigation work Welsh Water will be working on Conwy Road and local diversions will be in place. They will then clear their equipment from the site and compound area. We will inform residents before we return next year to complete the work.

A spokesperson for Welsh Water said: “We have been carrying out work on our wastewater system in Llandudno Junction to reduce flooding from our network in the area. Unfortunately we have come across unforeseen challenging ground conditions which means we are not able to proceed with our current plans.

“What this means is that we need to look for a different way of completing the work. This will take some time, so, to minimise disruption to local residents we have decided to finish the work we currently have on site, and we will return next year to carry out the work when all the new designs have been completed.”

In a letter to local residents Welsh Water said the delay would give time for further investigation and amendment of its plans for dealing with the problem.

The letter said: “As part of this investigation we will be working on Conwy Road So that our team can work safely, a section of Conwy Road, between Queen’s Road and Avallon Avenue, will be closed to through traffic for a week and local diversions will be in place. We will do our best to have the road re-opened as soon as possible.

“Following this, we will be finishing any work that we have in Kimberly Road and surrounding area and will return next year.”