A SNEAK peak of one of North Wales most profoundly joyful artist's debut EP will be on offer in Rhos-on-Sea this month.

Conwy based artist, songwriter and record producer Louis Janus Thomas' planned single launch of Latino Booty Sunrise at Pie Records on Saturday, May 18 at 8pm will now offer music afficionados a chance to hear even more of the artist's soon be released EP.

Taking his pointers from the spirit of creative freedom associated with the hippie counterculture, the young songwriter's four minute track is a microcosm of his self assured approach dynamic, positive approach.

Wearing an aspirational and youthful exuberance on his sleeve, Thomas' bright guitars and crystal clear sound production yield a particularly energising, inspirational listen.

Don't be thrown by the cheeky humour of the song's title however, Thomas' studied musicianship is clearly evident in with jammy jaunts hinting at the multi instrumentalists range.

However, his incredibly tight composition fosters a mercurial sound that hops breathlessly between a variety of influences in quick succession without sacrificing a resolute, driving song structure.

Spontaneous and bright, the surprisingly raw power of the confident young performer on stage elevates his craftsmanship, with no small amount of swagger showing an easy command of influences taking in everything from the Beatles to Mac De Marco, without any one influence overstaying its welcome in his vision.

Thomas, whose msucial alchemy is engineered at his home studio The Upside Down Zebra, said: "I write about personal experience but also try to put across positive messages in my music to the listener. I aim to make people feel good with the tracks – I feel that a lot of music these days emits negative energy and actually, in my opinion has its own part to play in the increasingly depressive state we find our youth in.

"I’m sick of the negative stuff you hear from all this mumble rap tripe, the world needs some positivity."

Be sure catch one of the most uplifting and charismatic performers in North Wales on his ascendancy.

Admission is £3 on the door.