IT SEEMS it is not only the royals celebrating their latest arrival - the Welsh Mountain Zoo has welcomed two animal babies as well as a set of twins.

Amongst the furry delights at the Colwyn Bay based attraction are twin Cotton Top Tamarins, a male Welsh Mountain Goat called Tulip and a Ring Tailed Lemur called Archie - the same name as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's newborn son.

North Wales Pioneer:

Male Welsh Mountain Goat, Tulip

Mums are keeping a watchful eye on their newborns whilst keepers report that all animals are doing well and developing and growing as expected.

Peter Litherland, Animal Collections manager of the Welsh Mountain Zoo, said: “How wonderful to have a trio of new arrivals in such a short space of time. Spring has most definitely sprung here at the Welsh Mountain Zoo.

North Wales Pioneer:

Twin Cotton Top Tamarins

“We do have to be very careful and closely monitor our new arrivals in these early stages but everything is as it should be and mums are caring and nurturing their off spring in the way that we’d want and expect.”

Visitors to the Welsh Mountain Zoo are already able to see the trio of babies as they explore their enclosures.