A 30-YEAR-OLD woman sobbed uncontrollably FRI when she was jailed for a year after crashing her father’s car into a parked Transit van after drinking, afterwards hiding in a garden then beneath a car.

It happened in Brompton Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, and was almost a carbon copy of offences when she crashed her father’s car in 2014, and last year Katie Bell had been banned from the road for 42 months for drink driving.

Her barrister Simon Killeen said at Caernarfon crown court she had a good work ethic and was a well thought of care worker, and he urged a suspended sentence.

But Judge Huw Rees said she’d pleaded guilty to drink driving, being at the wheel when banned, and aggravated vehicle taking in which an estimated £15,000 damage had been caused to a parked van in the early hours last month. A driver travelling behind stated she had collided with kerbs and nearly hit a barrier in front of a garage.

“You fled and hid in a garden then you were hiding under a vehicle.”

Bell, a mother of Park Road, Colwyn Bay, had been taken to hospital because an airbag had been deployed but was unhurt. ”You have disregarded the safety of other road users and yourself. This is the third time in five years and the court has given you two opportunities to address your problems, particularly your consumption of alcohol,” pointed out the judge, who banned her from the road for four years.

Gemma Gordon, prosecuting, said the level of alcohol in her breath was more than twice that allowed.