THERE was no hiding Katherine Jenkins delight at being “home” writes Terry Canty.

The mezza soprano demonstrated this at Llandudno’s Venue Cymru as she glided onto the stage wearing a dress emblazoned with the Welsh flag.

She remarked how beautiful the weather was outside the venue and questioned why she didn’t live in the seaside town.

This was the second Welsh show on her Guiding Light tour and followed a fundraising ball the night before on her ‘day off’ at Kensington Palace.

Her opening song, aptly titled Homeward Bound, was joyfully received by her Welsh fans.

The show also resonated with the large number of holiday makers and ex-pats in the audience from the North West of England, with Katherine accompanied by the Manchester Concert Orchestra. Katherine would give us an insight into the Wales – England ‘banter’ between herself and the orchestra’s conductor Anthony Inglis, presenting him with a Welsh rugby jersey in celebration of Wales’s recent 6 Nations Rugby victory.

The pair combined to great effect particularly on L'amore sei tu ( I will always love you), Dros Gymru'n Gwlad (Finlandia), and touching Jealous Of The Angels in memory of her late father.

These performances were punctuated by costume changes, with the always elegant looking Katherine revealing that she was also a busy mum of two.

Xander’s Song, included on her latest album and composed for her one-year-old son, proved moving, along with her interpretation of Never Enough taken from The Greatest Showman which she revealed was a favourite with her daughter and a regular bedtime routine request.

The opera crossover star, dubbed 'the new forces' sweetheart', revealed that she had earlier met with member of Llandudno’s Blind Veterans, inviting them to enjoy her show.

Another meeting, revealed during a series of dedications read out by the singer, had the audience in hysterics while highlighting the singer’s humble side and showcased her sense of fun.

An accidental meeting with a female fan earlier on Llandudno promenade, who the singer pointed out had failed to recognise her, led to a hilarious exchange.

The woman, who criticised the state of the singer’s ripped jeans, suggested she googled the singer ‘Katherine Jenkins’ as she “looked a bit like her” having a “similar mouth and teeth!”

The woman, who was identified by the Dancing With The Stars contestant, in the audience, had also commented that she was in Llandudno to catch the Katherine Jenkins concert, adding she was big fan of the performer who had been “a bit of a diva” in the past but motherhood and the task of changing nappies had changed her.

This fantastic concert, which illustrated Jenkins’ talent and her following, came to a close with a note perfect rendition of Music of the Night from the Phantom of the Opera and the sensational Time to Say Goodbye taken from her early album Second Nature.

She duly answered her audience’s call for an encore with an emotionally charged cover of Queen’s We are the Champions, repeating her desire to move to Llandudno and inviting the audience to sing along and think of Wales.