A FAMILY is appealing for any information on the whereabouts of their cat Belle, who has disappeared after her first night in a new home.

Belle, who until recently had been living in Llandudno Junction, was last seen on the night of Friday, May 3 after being rehomed to a family in Maes Gweryl, off St Agnes Road in Conwy.

On her first night in the new house she managed to escape and has not been seen since.

Belle is two years old, but small framed, and she is mainly white with some grey patches. She has a distinctive little black dot on her nose.

She is described as being extremely timid and scared, and will not know the area. However, she is microchipped so a vet would be able to scan her and get her home.

Her new owner, Noemie Irvine, said: " We just want to know she is alright. I suspect she is probably hiding somewhere but may begin to approach people when she gets hungry enough. If you do see her, please try and approach her quietly and calmly as she will be easily scared off.

"We rehomed her sister about two months ago and she is far more confident, so has settled in well. As Belle was only with us for a few hours she will not know to come back here. "

If anyone spots Belle, please contact the Irvine family on 07835 107200.