A CAMPAIGNER who has spent over a decade promoting sea safety has re-iterated the importance of her campaign following the recent death of a teenager off the coast of Llandudno.

15-year-old Christopher Turnbull died during an accident at Cyfyng Falls near Capel Curig in August 2006.

He disappeared under the water and his body was found following a six-hour search.

As a result, his mum Debbie, who is originally from Rhos on Sea, launched ‘River and Sea Sense’ (RASS), an organisation which aims to educate youngsters about water safety.

Following the death of 13-year-old Dillan Brown on May 5, Ms Turnbull has re-iterated her stance on teaching school pupils and teachers the importance of staying safe around water.

North Wales Pioneer:

“When I saw the incident posted on Facebook, for a moment I felt that stricken feeling,” she said.

“Immediately, it brought back flashbacks to the day I lost my son. I saw the devastation all over again and felt the feelings the young boys family and friends were experiencing.

“I have spoken to Dillan’s school (Ysgol John Bright) and offered any support I can to family and friends.

“Over the past 13 years or so I’ve worked with RASS sharing my story and teaching children about the dangers of open water.

“I offer my sincere condolences to all and I will endeavour to work with the school in any way I can. Live on in your castle in the sky Dillan.”

RASS has received recognition from Emergency Services across the UK and beyond as well as a number of awards and recognitions.

Ms Turnbull is now an Ambassador for the RNLI Swim Safe Program in Wales and for The National Lottery Awards. During her time as CEO of RASS, she has spoken to 350,000 pupils about water safety.

“This last weekend was heartbreaking for me knowing a little boy drowned where I live it made me question everything I do,” Ms Turnbull added.

“My new project Safety Skool feels so right and I hope that more education with a different style will make a difference. This is a series of events to be held in schools across North Wales and beyond."

For further information, go to: http://www.riverandseasense.com/