LLANDUDNO has been credited as being in the top 10 of UK towns for welcoming visitors.

The endorsement is based on a survey by Booking.com on reviews of guests’ comments about their experience visiting the town.

The research revealed how the role of a host is vital to the overall experience of a guest and in research with over 1,000 UK travellers

It looked at guests’ appreciation of hosts who make them feel at home as well as giving local insight and insider knowledge about the best places to visit in the area.

Olivier Grémillon, vice president at Booking.com said: “As with many elements of travel, there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to catering to the different needs of UK travellers.

"Our research reveals just how important it is for accommodation owners and managers to get the balance right to ensure the most memorable experiences, whether in a home, apartment, guest house or other type of property,”

“One thing that is abundantly clear is it doesn’t matter whether travellers want to feel at home, embrace the local culture, enjoy some peace and quiet, or simply escape, there’s nothing quite like the power of people to turn a stay into an unforgettable experience.”

The survey showed little things make all the difference with 70 per cent of people classing the perfect host as someone who adds small touches that create a welcoming atmosphere.

David Hawkins, Mayor of Llandudno said: “Obviously this is fantastic news and is testament to guest house owners, hoteliers, café owners and their staff and the attitude of everyone in Llandudno.

"They are the ones who create the warm Welsh welcome, it is the people who do it.”