THE site for the National Eisteddfod in Llanrwst has been changed following a report which detailed a flooding risk to the original location.

Early this year the Eisteddfod organisers received a technical report that raised concerns about parts of the site, it detailed risks of flooding and the Eisteddfod could not be insured on the basis of current plans.

Betsan Moses, Chief Executive of the National Eisteddfod, said: "We were determined to make every effort to keep the Eisteddfod in Llanrwst, and we're delighted everyone's efforts have paid off. Formulating a plan which kept the event as close as possible to the town was important considering all the support by people locally, and we also wanted to show that we have faith in Llanrwst.

"Many important partners have played a vital role in finding a swift solution. The Eisteddfod would not have been able to remain in Llanrwst without their flexibility and determination to keep it here."

The site will include some land from the previous site, and a number of additional nearby pieces of land. The Maes will be located a mile to the south of Llanrwst on the eastern side of the A470. The caravan park will be located between the Maes and the town on the western side of the A470. Maes B will be located alongside Nebo Road to the southeast of Llanrwst. There will be three main car parks: traffic from the south - a site on the western side of the A470 to the south of Llanrwst; traffic approaching from the north-west (via A55 and A470) - a site to the north of Llanrwst on the eastern side of the A470; traffic approaching from Abergele (via A548) - a site which includes Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy and nearby land on Nebo Road on the eastern side of the town. Parking will be available near the main entrance of the Maes for disabled visitors with blue badges