A 34-year-old man accused of an unprovoked attack on another customer at a Llandudno bar, causing a black eye and concussion, failed to go on a “victim awareness course” to avoid prosecution, a court heard on Monday.

Daniel Adams, of Kings Road, Llandudno, had been offered a conditional caution by police and wrote a letter of apology, complying with requirements in part, a district judge at the town’s court was told.

Adams was ordered to carry out 120 hours unpaid work and pay £300 compensation by district judge Gwyn Jones. He must also pay £170 costs and was excluded from Fountains Bar for a year.

Judge Jones said to Adams: "This was an unpleasant incident. You assaulted a gentleman in that bar, having just accepted the view of your partner he had been trying to chat her up.

“It was an unprovoked assault upon this victim who didn’t know what had hit him.”

Adams admitted common assault in November.

Prosecutor James Neary said Lee Evans had been with friends at the bar. Later on that night he was at home feeling dizzy with his eye hurting.

Police had obtained CCTV footage of what happened. He’d been punched suddenly from the side by the defendant.

Mr Neary said: "The victim fell to the floor and the defendant is pulled away by other people.”

Mr Neary said Mr Evans went to work the following day but his vision became blurred. He was taken to hospital and had concussion. He had no idea why he was attacked.

The prosecutor added that Adams’s excuse was he thought the victim may have kissed his girlfriend, and he was offered a conditional caution by the police. “This young man had absolutely no chance to defend himself from the assault,” Mr Neary declared.

Huw Roberts, defending, said Adams was involved in cable laying. It was a single punch when the defendant had been “trying to be gallant”.

Mr Roberts said Adams had prioritised his job over his conditional caution obligations.