FIRST Minister Mark Drakeford outlined his views on Brexit while visiting Conwy Castle.

He was in North Wales to celebrate an Easter boom in tourism and marking the success of Conwy Castle seeing its biggest increase in visitor numbers over the period.

He thought Brexit would a mixed effect on tourism in North Wales. He said: “Brexit cuts in both ways, we think, in the tourism industry. It is harder to attract people to come to the United Kingdom from the rest of Europe, although numbers from the Republic of Ireland are significant.

"But more people in the United Kingdom are staying locally for their holidays. From Wales’ point of view, those have always been the greatest numbers, that’s part of the success we’ve seen this year.”

Mr Drakeford added: “Brexit does have a fear for everybody as something which has hung over us for the past three years. People are undoubtedly anxious to get it resolved one way or the other.

“Nobody expected there to be European elections and it is difficult to persuade people to take an interest.”

He thought second referendum would be necessary if a deal in the House of Commons was not possible. He said: “I still think there is a deal to be done in the House of Commons if Mrs May would be flexible enough to move to where that centre of gravity can be found. That sort of deal would allow us to leave the European Union and still protect the economy and jobs here in Wales.

“If that can’t be done, and it is increasingly difficult to see that it can be done, then I don’t see any option other than to go back and ask people to make a second decision.”

He thought a no deal Brexit would be catastrophic for Wales, he added: “I’ve said all along Wales is more exposed than any other part of the United Kingdom to a crash out Brexit. Our economy relies more than any other part of the United Kingdom on free and unfettered trade with our European partners. To leave the European Union without a deal would have a major impact, and a major adverse impact here in Wales. That is why we are very determined that whatever happens, that outcome has to be avoided.”