THE owners of the OYO White House hotel on Llandudno promenade have been asked to remove the sign on the front of the building.

The sign raised a storm of objections on social media.

Conwy County Borough Council has taken action against the owners. A spokesperson for the authority said: “The building is listed and within the conservation area and any work to the Hotel would require listed building and planning consent from the council.

“We have been notified about the signage and have sent an email to the manager and OYO to request that it is removed as it doesn’t have permission, and we would welcome discussions with the new owners about how to rectify issues.”

A spokesperson for OYO UK said: "We are aware of the objections, and are liaising with the authorities to find a solution. We are delighted to be in Llandudno, and to be working with independent hotels in the area."

Facebook users took to the group: You Know You Are From Llandudno to air their views. Most of the more than 170 comments were objected to the new sign.

Lisa Roberts said: “Not sure what OYO is even? It stands out like a sore thumb.”

Mike Careless posted: “Passed it today for the first time. That's going to last as long as the pink hotel a few years back! It will be gone by summer.”

Beverley Williams added: “Looks awful not in keeping with our Victoria promenade.”

Janice Barrett Mostyn said: “Estates please do something, it looks awful and it is a terrible hotel as well. If it has new owners they must be made aware of the standards attached to the lovely promenade.”

Ann Wright What an awful sign, hopefully the Council will

make them take it down, it is not in keeping with the rest of the Hotels ... Arrogance..... !!!!