A sign on the front of a Llandudno hotel sign has been removed following publicity in the Pioneer and a storm of protest on social media.

The owners of the OYO White House hotel on the promenade, were asked to remove the sign on the front of the building by Conwy council.

A spokesperson for the authority said: “The building is Listed and within the Conservation Area, and any work to the Hotel would require Listed Building and Planning consent from the council.

“We have been notified about the signage and have sent an email to the manager and OYO to request it is removed as it doesn’t have permission.”

A spokesperson for OYO UK said: "We are aware of the objections, and are liaising with the authorities to find a solution.

"We are delighted to be in Llandudno, and to be working with independent hotels in the area.

When the sign was first erected last month Facebook users took to the group: You Know You Are From Llandudno to air their criticisms of the sign.

There were more than 170 comments objecting to the new sign, the overwhelming bulk were critical, and many felt it was inappropriate on a hotel on Llandudno's Victorian promenade.