A 93 year old resident of a Llandudno care home has just published her first book.

Joan Buxton a resident at Queen Elizabeth Court, a Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution care home, started writing her book Memories four years ago when she came to live at the home. The starting point was when her great grandchildren asked her to tell them more about what she did when she was young.

Joan is hoping to raise money for charity by selling copies of her book. All proceeds will go to Guide Dogs for the Blind, a charity which Joan is very passionate about.

The book tells of the many fascinating countries she lived in with her late husband Jim, her love of music and her retirement in Llandudno.

Joan said: “I do think most people have an interesting story to tell and in my case my great grandchildren wanted to know more about my life, so I thought why not write a book. I have always kept diaries and had a love for books, especially biographies. At school I was always top of the class for writing essays.”

Activities coordinator at Queen Elizabeth Court, Gary Carr, said: "Writing a book is certainly quite an achievement for anyone of any age, so we are really proud of Joan. It’s so important to remain as active as we can when we get older, setting ourselves challenges, both mentally and physically. Joan is an inspiration to all of us”.