Councillors have reversed their decision to shoot down plans for a replacement doctor’s surgery in Llandudno Junction.

Members of Conwy’s planning committee were asked to confirm the decision they made last month refusing planning permission to the applicant Dr Mike Bloom for a change of use from a dwelling to a GP’s surgery.

But yesterday, members of the committee changed their minds and voted in favour of granting permission, in line with the recommendation from officers.

Dr Bloom wanted  to move the existing surgery to Edenholme in Glyn y Marl Road.

The current surgery is a short distance from the new site.

The opening hours of the proposed surgery would be from 8am until 8pm from Monday to Friday.

Current staff levels in the existing doctor’s surgery are three practitioners and three supporting staff and will remain unchanged in the proposed doctor’s surgery.

The application had been due to be decided in April but councillors on the committee asked for a deferral so they could get more information on what the plans would mean for the residential street.

Cllr Andrew Hinchcliff said: “The road is very full, I don’t see any reason to shift it (the surgery) from one side of the road to the other. It’s a busy residential road. If we can find a different place for it I think it would be much better.”

But Cllr Peter Lewis argued that permission should have been granted for the surgery.

He said: “We are dealing with a private business here and as things stand no improvements are going to take place if the surgery stays where it is.

“At least the proposal before us has the potential to improve the parking situation on that road and I’m disappointed the committee did not recognise that.”

The committee did not reaffirm their decision, instead voting in favour of granting permission for the application.